Friday, March 12, 2010

welcome to our new adventure

Hi my name is Suzie and my sister's name is Jo and with alot of passion for candles and burning beautiful fragrances in her home we have created our new business lilly scents. Jo has been burning candles for quite a few years now (most of the products we stock) and has always said that if she had an opportunity to sell them in a shop for other people to enjoy she would love to and now we have!
Our shop is located in Highfields about 10 minutes outside of Toowoomba in a small complex called Abbie Lane.
The candles we have in our shop range from candles in jars, pillared candles, votives and melts. Some are made in America like the Woodwick range, Salt City range and our newby range that we imported straight from America ourselves which was pretty exciting for us!